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EMPI 98-1335-B GTV-2 CYLINDER HEAD, 94mm With Single Springs


GTV-2 Features

Beefed up intake and exhaust ports for massive porting
Added material in the combustion chamber for deep fly cutting
Intake and exhaust ports are 20% larger than stock
Exhaust air passages are clear for proper cooling
12mm 3/4 inches reach plug

GTV-2 dual port heads have an awesome competition valve grind. High-quality special aluminum alloy, permanent mold casting makes for a strong cylinder head. 
Stainless steel valves.
40mm Intake Valve
35.5mm Exhaust Valve

Hi-performance Single springs with Chromoly retainers and hardened keepers

Bore Size: 94mm
Springs: Single High-Rev
Valves: 40mm & 35.5