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EMPI 98-1378-B CYLINDER HEAD, Big Valved, 85.5mm With Dual Springs


Stock Dual Port Cylinder Head, for 14mm 1/2” reach Plug
85.5mm Bore - Complete w/ Performance Valve Job, Each

Complete Stock Dual Port Cylinder Heads assembled with 35.5 x 32mm Stainless
Steel Valves, Stock Valve Springs, Steel Retainers, Hardened Keepers, Rocker,
Exhaust and Intake Studs. Available for both Standard 14mm 1/2” reach and 12mm
3/4” reach Spark Plugs.

Complete with a Performance Valve Job and assembly. All
EMPI Complete Heads are supplied with Stainless Steel Valves. Lash Caps P/N 4006
are required in all cylinder head applications that have Stainless Steel Valves.