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EMPI 98-1558-B GTV-2 L7 CNC TURBO PORTED HEADS, 44 & 37.5 Valves, 90.5/92mm


GTV-2 CNC L7 Turbo Cylinder Heads.

We start with the best in class EMPI GTV-2 Head casting and let a 5 axis CNC mill work its magic. 

-Beefed up intake and exhaust ports for massive porting

-Special aluminum allow for strength

-Added material surrounding the combustion chamber for deep fly cuts

-Exhaust air passages are clear for proper cooling

-12MM 3/4 Reach spark plug

-Competition dual valve springs, chromoly retainers, hardened keepers, bronze valve guides, stainless valves

-3 Angle Valve Job
Sold as a PAIR.

NEW CNC port designs now available from EMPI. These new port designs include most of what DRD Racing Heads Previously Offered.

Head CC: 67cc & 77cc Intake Port
Bore Size: 90.5/92MM
Springs: Dual Spring
Valves: 44 & 37.5mm.