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EMPI 44-1029 D-Series 45mm DELUXE Dual Carburetor Kit For Type-1 Engine Performance Carb


Type 1 – 1900cc Race Build, Large CC Engines & Most Race Applications
EMPI Part# 44-1029
Factory Jetting: .162 Main, .200 Air, .70 Idle, 1.50 Inlet Valve, .55 Pump, #2 E-Tube & 38mm Venturis
NOTE: We have added the following jets to your kit if further tuning is needed: .170 Main, .75 Idle
A COMPLETE Kit – with everything you need including all
gaskets, hardware, fuel line and coil relocation bracket.
Deluxe is an understatement! These EMPI Dual-D Carburetor
Kits feature only the best components available…
• A pair of EMPI D Carburetors – Engine Tested, Adjusted and
baseline Jetted.
• EMPI Off-Set Manifolds – with plenty of material for porting.
• Best Hex Bar Linkage in the industry – Easy to adjust and rock
solid in maintaining that adjustment for miles of performance
driving…featuring Needle Bearing Rod Ends.
• EMPI Combo Cast Aluminum Air Cleaner Base and Top for
solid linkage performance and great looks – and features the
EMPI logo.