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EMPI 44-1026 D-Series 45mm DELUXE Single Carburetor Kit For Type-1 Engine Performance Carb


ype 1 – 1776cc-2276cc and larger, Most Race Applications
EMPI Part# 44-1026
Factory Jetting: 162 Main, 160 Air, 70 Idle, 1.50 Inlet Valve, 60 Pump, #2 E-Tube & 32mm Venturis
NOTE: We have added the following jets to your kit if further tuning is needed: .170 Main, .75 Idle
Each Kit comes complete with a specifically prepared EMPI D Carburetor, Velocity Stacks, Manifold,
Aluminum Air Cleaner w/Gauze Air Filter, complete Linkage and all necessary Gaskets & Hardware.
Specifically jetted and prepared EMPI D Carburetors mated to a
specially designed and race-proven Isolated Runner Manifold make
for a perfect torque-monster combo. Designed for off-road, but
functions just as well on the street. Single Carburetor Applications
require a Vacuum-Assisted Distributor to achieve proper performance.